Junior League

This non-competitive coach-pitch program is intended to provide a bridge between Farm and the Minor Leagues, allowing players to practice fundamentals, develop hitting and fielding skills, and develop their understanding of the game.

Who this program is for:

-Graduates of Farm League
-Players Ages 6+, and new to baseball
-First-year Minor players interested in additional instruction


-Fridays, 5:30pm – 7pm April - June

Players will be put in a more game-like situation, and will:

-Learn to hit live pitches, from a Coach, or a pitching machine
-Learn to field the ball, from Infield and Outfield positions
-Develop confidence with fundamental skills (safety baseballs will be used)
-Prepare for the Minor Leagues
Spring 2022 Fees: $75
Email nclbl.org@gmail.com for more info